K. Webb – Philadelphia, PA

I called Scott’s Duct Cleaning Service 215-464-3828 (Ron Scott) to have my duct work cleaned.  I spoke with Ron’s wife who gave me a great price, so I set up an appointment to have the work done.

Well this model shows up at my door only to realize this was his teenaged wife who came with an employee to clean my duct work.

During the cleaning process they recovered the cookie cutter discs I allegedly inserted into the vents sometime in the late 1950’s along with several 1940’s vintage pennies.  When I told my sister what they found she said “Mother always wondered what happened to them”.

At the end of the process I paid her and they left.  The next day I received a phone call from her stating that I over paid them by $100.00 dollars.  Since the recent death of my father my mind has not been functioning properly and I would never have known I was missing the money.  Mrs. Scott promptly returned the cash to me.

I would highly recommend them for their great work but most of all for their honesty.  Mrs. Scott, Thank you for your honesty and great job you did in my Dad’s home.  God bless you.